The Gods of Olympus, Michael Phelps and Cupping


The extraterrestrials in the Olympic games happen to be amazing. We’re smitten with question, admiration and respect for that beyond-belief amounts of sustained brutal training, laser focus and genius-level skills exhibited by individuals who rose to Olympian heights, not to mention scaled the summits-known as podiums. There are also people like Katie Ledecky, Simone Biles, Usain Secure, Michael Phelps along with other Superpersons, who not a way might have been born in the world. Somethings happening here, and that i hope Jesse Trump will quickly be asking pointed questions, raising accusations about these Promethean heroes and heroines who infiltrated themselves among us mere mortals.

Talking about Michael Phelps, allow me to raise an issue: “What’s with individuals circular bruises?” Just a little investigating reveals that “Michael The Truly Amazing” might are afflicted by some credulity concerning Modern, alternative/integrative/chinese medicine BS.

Cupping is really a fad involving “the flow of a person’s vital existence pressure through the suction of heated glass bowls put on your skin.” Holy hocus pocus. Why American or any other Olympic officials participated athletes flaunting their cups on prime time world TV? Such appearances were free ads for pseudoscience. The exposure of cupping marks on winners presented an aura of authenticity on groundless and potentially dangerous treatments-everything beamed in to the awareness of impressionable children and naive adults. C’est dommage.

For cupping, this silliness doesn’t have medical or scientific basis-also it can be rather harmful, frequently resulting in burns and infections.

Olympian Gullibility

Have you take notice of the indicators of woo woo testimonials during interviews? No, I am not talking about the numerous indications of the mix after or before races (is the fact that a great luck charm or perhaps a request the help of a deity?). I am talking about interviewees who claimed, “I’m so fortunate” (instead of their rivals who didn’t get fortunate?), the fingers in mid-air pointing to some god on the horizon watching the big event or any other indications that some athletes depend upon and have confidence in homeopathy, acupuncture, kinesiology tape you will find, cupping.

No matter what became of the rabbit’s feet?


Essentially, cupping entails getting someone stick heated suction cups or glass bulbs on the skin. Olympians stated they cupped to help ease soreness to be able to go swimming or improve your speed, jump greater, stay cooler, align their chakras and qi, and/or do anything they wanted cupping to complete on their behalf. But, obviously, they’d to think, that’s, have belief, much like in religion.

Additionally towards the ancient Chinese, it appears some United States Indians involved in cupping, as did Egyptians greater than a 1000 years before we’ve got to AD 1. It had been a part of bloodletting previously, that might certainly be viewed as another type of alternative treatment that may create a comeback sooner or later, if your superstar, celebrity or perhaps a Dr. Oz or Deepak recommends it.

In recent days since Phelps was proven prior to the 400 IM with cup marks on his torso, images have sprang up on the web showing victims of cupping gone bad. It may be harmful to permit a quack to suck “poisons” or “toxins” out of your body. Physicians consider some cupping marks as second or perhaps third-degree burns. Such wounds may become infected and perhaps septic.

Consider exactly what a famous physician named David Gorski authored on “The Science Blog” on This summer 1, 2016:

Cupping is simply an old medical practice with different prescientific knowledge of your body and disease, similar to bloodletting and coverings in line with the ‘Four Humors.’ it’s all regulated risk without benefit. It’s room in medicine, or at best should not. In the end, we do not still have confidence in the 4 humors that Hippocrates and ancient ‘Western’ medicine invoked for 100s of years. TCM (chinese medicine) is dependant on very similar concepts, simply with different names, substituting, for instance, the ‘Five Elements’ for that ‘Four Humors’ and attributing disease to imbalances inside them, just like ancient Western physicians attributed disease to imbalances within the ‘Four Humors.’ Yet ‘integrative medicine’ rejects one and embraces another when it ought to be rejecting both of them.

All Hail the Olympians, Anyway

Cupping along with other superstitions aside, there’s only question and appreciation in my opinion for that magnificent performances proven by almost all competitors (Hope Solo? Maybe less). Olympians truly are amazing, much more therefore if not extraterrestrials, in the end.

Maybe individuals who unintentionally promoted medical silliness uses their platforms later on to advertise evidence-based medicine, scientific acumen and skeptical inquiry, and even perhaps REAL wellness, within the a long time.

Be, benefit from the quest and die healthy, although not until you are good and prepared.

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